Provider - Privy

Cedalio's Auth System can manage both Cedalio's JWT and Privy JWT. In order to generate a Cedalio JWT, you can refer to the Auth handshake guide. To use privy it is important to configure the App Id, Verification Key and App Secret. You can get this information from the Privy site under the API Key section.

Privy JWT

Privy is one simple library to add beautiful authentication flows and powerful embedded wallets to your app. Get more users to your web3 products faster, no matter who they are. To use Privy JWT, it's necessary to input the Privy app-id into the Cedalio App via our Studio.

We assume that the privy account has a valid address. At the momento we only support one address.

To authenticate with Cedalio, users have the option to utilize Privy JWT. When authenticating, users need to send Privy's JWT. Subsequently, the on-chain Authorization layer generates a Cedalio JWT, which allows access and retrieves necessary information from Privy's servers. This information includes details such as the Wallet Address associated with the registered user.


Here is an example of how to use the Privy JWT to obtain a valid Cedalio JWT. Remember to configure the project with the Privy App Id, Verification Key and App Secret in the project settings section.

curl -X POST "https://$" 

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