Create an API key

Creating an API key is a crucial step to securely access your databases within Cedalio.

From the main dashboard, proceed to the 'Settings' section of the Cedalio Studio.

Access token generation

Within 'Settings', locate and enter the 'Access Token Section'. Click on 'Generate Token' to create a new API key.

Secure your token

The API key will be displayed only once. Carefully copy it. Store the API key in a secure location. It's crucial to treat this key as sensitive information.

Usage and security tips

Name the token descriptively, such as 'stage-token' or 'production-token', to reflect its purpose and environment.

Important: Never embed the API key directly in front-end code or any environment where it can be easily accessed or exposed.

Manage API key

If necessary, you can revoke the API key at any time from the same section for added security. Remember to follow best practices for API key security. If the key is compromised, revoke it immediately and generate a new one. For any further assistance or security concerns, please refer to the dedicated support within the Studio's documentation.

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