Create an upload batch

A batch is a group of documents that you will upload at the same time. You can name the batch or keep the id that will be automatically be created.

Upload files to the batch

Select the desired files for the batch and start extracting the data by clicking in Process Files

Review the extracted data

Once the data is extracted, each datapoint will have one of three statuses: Ready, Need Review, or Rejected. If the AI successfully finds the data it was looking for, it will be marked as Ready for you to save. If something seems wrong, you will need to review it and edit any fields that might be missing or where the data doesn't seem right. If the file is corrupted or unsupported for any reason, it will be marked as Rejected.

Creating a data point

After reviewing all your files, you can save them in the platform as validated data points.

There are two options available: involving a human in the loop to validate all the collected information, or creating a Data Point directly for the given information. Creating a Data Point guarantees that the original document and the structured information are linked and stored on the Cedalio platform, with every change to this data point being tracked.

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