The Studio is a web application designed to make the creation and management of your decentralized databases seamless and intuitive. This platform allows you to interact directly with your database structure, permissions, and data.

Core Features of Studio

Project Creation

The Studio allows you to create your own decentralized database with just a few clicks. You can set up your database by uploading your GraphQL schema or choosing one from our pre built models for the most common use cases. This user-friendly interface is tailored for both technical and non-technical users alike, ensuring that anyone can start building their own decentralized database.

Privacy definition

We value user control over data. To that end, we offer flexible privacy settings: Read-Only, Private, or Public, each with varying degrees of access and visibility. These settings allow you to control who can view and interact with your database.
Customizing access: In addition to these privacy settings, the Studio also allows you to customize user access at a granular level. For instance, you can give certain users the ability to add or edit certain data fields, while others can only view data. This allows you to tailor the accessibility of your database according to your needs and preferences.


In a data-driven world, operational metrics and analytics play a critical role in providing insights that help in strategic decision-making and improving business outcomes. The Studio offers comprehensive tools to measure, track, and analyze these key performance indicators.


This section serves the purpose of overseeing the overall attributes of a project, such as the Authentication (Auth) provider, and retrieving crucial details like the Project Id and Access Mode. To set up Privy as the authentication provider, it is essential to precisely replicate the values displayed in the Privy website's API Key section. It is crucial to avoid adding any special characters in the designated fields during the configuration process.


Managing your decentralized database is simple with the explorer in the Studio. You can easily mutate or query the database in real time in the simple UI provided.