The Cedalio Explorer is a powerful web IDE (Power by GraphiQL) for creating, running, and managing GraphQL operations. By interacting with the explorer, you will be able to manage your database in a very easy and interactive way.
At the moment it supports some GraphQL operation types (Query and Mutation), and we will incrementally add more features to fully support GraphQL standard.
The Cedalio Explorer is an essential tool in the development process, serving multiple purposes.
  • It facilitates the population of various entities to test the user interface (UI) and allows the generation of specific scenarios that trigger workflows or changes in the UI.
  • Additionally, it aids in information navigation, analysis, and debugging of issues.
One of its valuable features is the Schema Navigator, which greatly assists in comprehending how to interact with the GraphQL Schema.

Get Started

To access the Explorer, users are prompted to log in with a wallet. It is important for users to log in using the same wallet that owns the corresponding database.
We have 3 sections: Operations Section, Response Section and Schema Slide Menu.

1. The Operation Section

The editor provides:
  • Query and Mutation linting.
  • Autocomplete.
  • Documentation popover access.
At the moment the editor can only manage one operation at a time. Soon we will support multiple operations at the same time.

2. The Results Section

This is the section where all the server responses, errors and any kind of information regarding the operation executed could be found.

3. The Schema Slide Menu

The Explorer's Schema Side Panel helps you understand the data schema and know how to write the supported operations correctly.