Databases & Operations


Within the Studio, each company operates with isolated databases and operations. The nature of these databases depends on your specific business needs. Users can create as many databases as they need. To do this, they must choose a data schema template from our catalog. We continuously add new templates to cover various business requirements.

Owner and Permissions:

Every database has one owner represented as a wallet. The user who holds the private key for this wallet is the owner of the data stored in it and has full control over the Access Control Lists (ACLs) for this database. For the default studio database, the owner is the user who is also the owner of the company.

Databases Section:

The Databases List provides an overview of all the databases associated with your company. From this list, you can access the Explorer, which allows you to interact with the deployed database. It's essential to note that access to the wallet that serves as the owner of the Smart Contract is required to perform operations within the Explorer.

Operations Section

The Operation List displays all the operations that have been created within your company. Currently, you may not be able to see detailed information about the executed operations. However, in future updates, if you have access to the wallet associated with the operations, you will be able to view the GraphQL operation payload, providing additional insight into the executed operations.

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