The dashboard serves as the homepage for all users. Here, we have a side panel to navigate through the entire studio, along with a two-panel view displaying all the data claims our company has received and all the data claims that the company has sent and used for collecting information for their ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) or product life cycle assessment. From here all the users can create new sources of information.


The Company represents a real-world company. In the Studio, we have two types of companies: verified and unverified.

  • Verified companies are those that have an owner. To become an owner, a user must have a valid email with the same domain assigned as the company's domain attribute.

  • Unverified companies are created to register some information under their name. In the future, if a user signs up and verifies a company, all the interactions done in the past will be maintained.

When a company is verified, it becomes part of our public registry, allowing all users to verify the activities this company has undertaken.


Companies are responsible for holding all the different databases that users create to store and share information. All registered companies have a default database that stores all the information displayed on the dashboard. The default database has defined some data sources for camputing information regarding ESG and product life cycle assessment.

All the databases had an owner, in th case of the default database is the user onwer of the company.

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