Create a Project

To create your first project, you will have to do it through our Studio, the platform used to create and manage your databases.
After signing in, you can initiate the process by clicking in Create Project. A pop-up modal is going to open and let you upload your own GraphQL schema or browse through the available pre-built models.

Define the privacy policy

We value user control over data. To that end, we offer flexible privacy settings: Read-Only, Private, or Public, each with varying degrees of access and visibility. These settings allow you to control who can view and interact with your database.
In addition to these base privacy settings, the Studio offers the ability to customize user access at a granular level, in addition to the privacy settings. This means users can specify specific permissions for individual users. For example, certain users can be granted the ability to add or edit specific data fields, while others may only have view-only access. This access mode will be the default for all the databases created within the project. This can be changed by the owner of the DB with an auth API that soon will be available.

Choose a network

Regardless of whether the application use a single database per user or a shared database for all users, the access control policies are stored on the blockchain, along with the necessary information to verify queries and mutations.
The selection of the network to be utilized for the project's operation is a crucial step that needs to be determined upon project creation. This decision defines the network on which the application will operate and interact with the blockchain, ensuring seamless functionality and data security.
Gas fees are included in the Cedalio's fee.