Create a Database

Creating a database within the Studio is a straightforward process that is integral to managing your API data efficiently.


Our databases have several super powers like auditability and traceability. This is the reason why several client star using us for storing key information that need to share with several clients, suppliers and users.

Every time that our users create a new database we create a GraphQL API to access it and we deploy a smart contract to manage all the ACLs. If you want to learn more about our blueprint follow this link.

Access the API Data Management Section

After account creation, navigate to the 'API Data Management' section from the dashboard. Here, you will find a list of existing databases.

Initiate Database Creation

Click the 'New Database' button to start the database creation process.

Step 1: Define Database Name and Schema

  • Input the desired name for your new database in the 'Database Name' field.

  • Select a schema from the library of pre-defined template schemas that best fits your needs. Our platform is flexible and can accommodate additional schemas as required by our users.

Step 2: Network and Privacy Settings

Finalize and Create Database

Click the 'Create Database' button to complete the setup. Once created, the new database will appear in the database list.

Post-Creation Steps

In the database list, you’ll be provided with all necessary details to access your database, such as the 'Deployment ID' and a unique URL.

Remember, you must have the required permissions to utilize the database.

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